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D&D Seminary held on Friday : 26th .Aug.2016
D&D Seminary held on Friday : 26th .Aug.2016
While thanking you dear friends, and Sales agents from all parts of our dear Iran selling D&D products,we herewith wish to inform all those who are interested in D&D products that “AVA Soto Tasvir OJ co.” held its first Seminar in presence of its special guests such as : desiner and producing engineer from South Korea ie MR.JUN and during this seminar we have awarded prizes to our active representative throughout Iran.
d&d music vidio
d&d music vidio
Partnership D&D in Video Music Production for the Young Generation

Product’s diversity in D & D

High-quality products with appropriate prices

D & D has been presented in Iran market for 8 years and now, this brand is providing client’s needs with the aid of broad panoramic products.

These products are distributing in the following groups:

1-Conference system
2-Different types of loudspeaker in various capacity and sizes
3-Different types of amplifiers
4-Power mixer
5-Microphone and side equipments
6- Portable amplifiers

You may entrust us your voice

D & D Brand, with many years of presence in Iran market, has been produced and distributed specialized products according to the Iranian Operator’s need in three general groups as follows:

1-Conference system

2-Music equipment

3- Special systems for religious ceremonies 

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